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Tom Gribby: tom@hosttalentgroup.com



  •  The War of the Tooth Fairy— children’s fantasy adventure: Labyrinth meets The Hobbit. When Timmy prevents one of his teeth from being taken by the Tooth Fairy, he must venture into the one place he fears the most: the domain of the Fairy King to rescue his mother from his wicked clutches. BlueCat Screenplay Semi Finalist and International Finalist, PAGE Awards Quarter Finalist, one to one mentorship with David Reynolds. Currently developing as a TV series. 
  • Mindjack— science fiction thriller. Blade Runner meets Robocop. At a time when mind-hoppers are declared illegal, a no-nonsense detective must protect her nine-year-old son from both sides of the law, and face her own prejudices, when he develops the ability to transfer his mind between bodies. Emerging Screeplay Semi Finalist 2022 
  • Otherside— commissioned writing project for FOX & CHIP PRODUCTIONS. Horror TV project currently in development. 
  • Off The Grid— commissioned writing project for Steven Zimmerman and Julian London. Working as part of a writing team on a TV action-thriller series. 

Spec Scripts: 

  • Blue Code— drama. An African American cop threatens to unravel dark secrets from his own past when tasked with investigating the shooting of a white kid by a fellow officer. Top 20% Nicholl Fellowship 2019. Treatment and script available 
  • Bobby Driscoll is… The Wonder Child— true-life biography. A look at the life of Bobby Driscoll, a prodigy child actor who had it all, and was then cast out by Hollywood. Full script available. 
  • Riverfalls— post-noir crime drama: No Country For Old Men meets Lone Star. When two Russian gangsters have their car stolen (with a body in the boot) in Riverfalls, a local Sheriff is forced to face his own prejudices at the height of the 1950s Red Scare. PAGE Awards Quarter Finalist. Top 20% Nicholl Fellowship 2016 Treatment and script available 
  • The McGillis Family Reunion— dramedy. A reclusive and abrasive man estranged from his family is forced to arrange one last get-together for his twin brother who is set to be executed on Death Row. Treatment and script available 
  • Eve— dramedy miniseries. When an acerbic sexagenarian is given six months to live, she makes it her mission to discover the truth of what happened to her daughter, who disappeared forty-two years ago, before her time is up. Treatment and pilot available. Page Turner Screenplays Quarter Finalist. 
  • The Ramblers— buddy road comedy. The Naked Mile meets Planes, Trains and Automobiles. On a drunken bet to win the heart of the girl of his dreams, a young man and his housemate embark on a three‐week ramble from London to Edinburgh— naked. Treatment and script available 
  • Cut Off— contained horror. The Lighthouse meets Saint Maud. A teenage girl is forced into a fight for survival when she finds herself trapped in a house with a mysterious old woman. 
  • Welcome to Haverton Hills— horror mystery. Get Out meets The Wicker Man. When a woman and her family are relocated to a small town while seeking asylum, she realises something more sinister is happening than meets the eye. 
  • Gap Year— drama miniseries. A middle-class family move to a council estate and are forced to survive in an unfamiliar and dangerous environment. Treatment and pilot available. 
  • Sides— sci-fi-drama miniseries. A paranoid cop is drawn into a bizarre series of events when he ends up investigating his own murder. Treatment and pilot available. 




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